Accomplishments, Belonging and Character Development

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Now is the perfect time to register your child for camp! They will enjoy making special camp memories, meeting new friends, disconnecting from technology and learning new skills at camp. At camp they get to experience the great outdoors, try new activities and build their self-confidence all under the supervision of our caring camp staff. 


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two campers from YMCA Camp Potawotami going down the mole hole slide

Reach New Heights

Check out our High Ropes Course! 

Campers will reach new heights as they traverse this new course while challenging themselves, practicing bravery, and encouraging friends. The new course is more accessible, allows more campers to climb at one time, and has elements for Youth and Teen Campers. The ropes course is an important part of the camp experience as it provides opportunities for accomplishments, goal setting, encouraging others and bravery. Traditionally, the high ropes course has been for campers 12 and older, but with this new course, campers as young as 10 will be able to reach new heights!

New Course Overview Image

The ABC's of Camp Potawotami

At YMCA Camp Potawotami, we focus on what we call the A, B, C s of camping. We work to increase campers’ sense of accomplishment and belonging while they learn about positive character traits and values. Our tools are well-trained staff, carefully planned programs, and safe, clean facilities.


Campers gain a sense of accomplishment by trying activities and developing new skills. For many campers, being away from home for a week is an important accomplishment in itself. We hope these real world accomplishments will raise the self-confidence and self-esteem of each camper.


Making new friends and being a good friend helps campers learn about a sense of belonging. Living in a cabin with other children and counselors gives each camper a lesson in friendship building and teamwork. Each person has responsibilities and is a valued part of the YMCA Camp Potawotami community.


We discuss character traits and values in many ways during the week and place an emphasis on learning, growing and doing your best. Our core values are Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility. Our unique Wampum Bead program also encourages campers to choose a character trait to work on during camp and the entire year.